(Updated Sun 9th June)

Natwest have recently launched a new TV campaign advertising their mortgages, which employes the old AOL tactic of the late 90′s / early 00′s, where at the end of the 30 second advert they ask the viewer to search for phrase “NatYes” to find out more information.

However, after searching for NatYes in Google it quickly becomes clear that they never consulted with their digital marketing team… as they don’t rank anywhere for it!


There is a NatYes related PPC advert present, however all of the organic listings are all from computer coding sites and forums where “Nat=Yes” appears to be a popular syntax.

Interestingly I have not been able to trigger the NatYes PPC advert to show myself, probably highlighting that as no organic listing is present, all traffic has been pushed through this paid medium and so very quickly burning through all of their budget resulting in the advert no longer showing!

NatYes - PPC

NatWest are also suggesting people search online for NatYes for more info in their printed media also. This photo of a newspaper advert was taken by Mervyn Dinnen:

NatWest natyes newspaper advert

NatYes Update – Fri 7th June

I rank first for NatYes! I spotted this morning that, with zero effort, this blog post ranks first in Google for the phrase “NatYes”. As a result, my server actually briefly went down under the load of traffic that I was receiving!

Come on NatWest, sort it out. If I can rank for NatYes by accident, I’m sure you can!

rank 1st for natyes

NatYes Update – Sat 8th June

It’s about time! NatWest have finally pulled their finger out and have got their mortgages page ranking for NatYes. It came in at 3rd position, however it’s now popped up into 2nd behind this blog post that still ranks 1st!

As you can see by the below screen grab, NatWest’s PPC advert has once again stopped showing! So they finally sort out an organic listing, but are still failing at retaining visibility for their NatYes PPC ad!

natwest finally rank for natyes

NatYes Update – Sun 9th June

NatWest’s Scottish arm, the Royal Bank of Scotland, have made a similar oversight with their “RBYes” campaign! Unbelievable!

Check it out: www.paulmartinseo.com/seo/rbyes-the-rbs-bank-mortgages-digital-fail/

This NatYes blunder was first spotted by Gary Robinson.